A.D.A. has already gotten support in 1999 at it’s foundation from numerous personalities, so among others: Abdou Diouf Former President of the Republic of Snegal , Gnassingbe Eyadema Former President of the Republic of Togo , M. Ernest Bai KOROMA, Former Republic President of Sierra Leone, 3. M. Moustapha NIASSE, former senegalese foreign minister  , MAmara ESSY former  Ivorian Foreign Minister Chief Emekla ANYAOKU, Secretary General to the Commonwealth, Dr. Ahmeth Esmat Abdel MEGUID, Secretary General to the League of the Arab Countries, Mr. Frederico MAYOR, General Director of UNESCO, Mr. Salim Ahmet Salim, Secretary General to the Organization of the African Union, Mr. Romano PRODI President of the Commission of the European Union, Colin Powell, former Secretary of State (USA), George Moose former deputy Secretary of State for African affairs, Hubert Vedrine former Ministry of foreign affairs (France), Olivier Stirn former Ministry of Dom-Tom(France), M. Lansana KOUYATE, former Executive Secretary of CEDEAO, Mr. Boutros BOUTROS-GHALI, Secretary General of La Francophonie and from Mr. Marcolino MOCO, Executive Secretary of CPLP, Pascal Boniface, General Manager of the Institute of International Relations and Strategic (IRIS), André Lewin former Ambassador and former Spokesman of the General secretary of the UN (France). MMichel CAMDESSUS, former President of FMI